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Which inverter is right for me?

Do you need help in choosing the perfect Inverter? Look no further than Luminous, Nigeria's no.1 inverters. Before you choose the best inverter, analyze the power requirement of your need. We are here to guide you with all the information you need.

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Ask these five questions before you buy

Before you buy what you think might be the perfect inverter, ask the right questions and verify it has some key elements.
The purchase price is just one piece of owning an inverter: consider all the features and benefits of your potential new inverter.

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Frequently Asked Quesions

How do I know which inverter to buy?

First, you need to determine your power requirements and load. This will assist you in determining the best inverter plus battery set to buy. Visit Inverter Calculator to estimate your load and the best inverter battery combo for you.

Which appliances inverters can power?

There are different types of inverters.

- Low capacity and high capacity. Low capacity inverters (like Luminous Optimus) can power your bulbs, fans, TVs, laptop/ phone chargers and other light appliances like blenders.
- High capacity inverters can power everything low capacity can and also fridges, microwaves and even AC, depending on the capacity.

How to use my inverter to ensure it lasts long

Get the right battery for your inverter, it’s the first step for long-lasting inverter. Secondly, keep both inverter and battery at a dry and in an open place. Lastly, use your inverter regularly to ensure a longer battery life.

What are the warranty on our product (inverter and batteries)?

Luminous inverters have up to 12 months of warranty while Luminous batteries have up to 24 months of warranty.

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How to Care For my Inverter Battery

Solar Solutions For Indo Eye Clinic

Indo Eye Clinic, a leading provider of eye care services in Nigeria, has decided to switch to Simba Solar for its electricity generation. This switch comes as a result of the rising prices of electricity in Nigeria and the need to reduce costs while still providing reliable power.

July 3, 2023
How to Care For my Inverter Battery

Solar Solutions For Tolaram Group, Distributor of Indomie

Indomie, one of Nigeria’s favourite brands operates one of the largest warehouses in PortHarcourt. It stores millions of naira worth of goods, making it essential for the warehouse to have a reliable and secure power supply. Recently, they decided to implement a solar/UPSsystem to power their operations and reduce their reliance on generators.

July 3, 2023
How to Care For my Inverter Battery

Solar Solutions For Abuson Hotel

Abuson Hotel in Abakaliki is a newly built hotel that opened in August 2018. It is situated in the heart of the city and is a popular spot for business and leisure travellers. To ensure the comfort and quality of their guests, the hotel sought out Simba Solar to provide a solar solution that would reduce their reliance on diesel generators and save them money.

July 3, 2023
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