Select the type of load you wish to connect to the Inverter to calculate the estimated rating of the Inverter you need. We recommend that you take into account your necessity in peak conditions. This will help you to derive a more accurate rating, that you would require in such a condition.​

Load Calculator

Normal Bulb

Tube Light

LED Lamp


Music System

LCD/LED TV (< 42")

LCD/LED TV (> 42")

Desktop Computer


Refrigerator (165-250Ltr)

Refrigerator (250-350Ltr)

Refrigerator (350-450Ltr)

Refrigerator (> 450Ltr)

AC - 1HP

AC - 1.5HP

AC - 2HP


Washing Machine

Gaming Console

Microwave Oven

Your Total Load


Invertor Rating


Estimate Your Battery
Back Up Time

Choose Battery Capacity

(Ampere Hours)

Your Available
Battery Back Up Time


Disclaimer: Backup time shown here is approximate.
The Battery should be in fully charged condition
to attain this backup time.

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