High capacity inverter

Solarverter PRO PCU

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Be The Master of Your Power with Solarverter PRO PCU (2-10 kVA)!

This intelligent off-grid system seamlessly manages solar, grid, and battery power for uninterrupted performance, even in challenging grid conditions. High-Efficiency MPPT maximizes solar power extraction, while Smart Solar Optimization ensures peak efficiency. User-controlled settings give you complete power management, and guaranteed safety provides peace of mind. Contact Us Today! Take control of your power with Solarverter PRO PCU.

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Informative LCD display

Smart LCD display with unique indication that displays backup and charging time, along with Mains On, Eco/UPS Mode

MCB Protection

Maximum charging current 18A for the faster battery charging

More load handling

Compatible with all battery type Tubular, flat plate & SMF battery (80Ah – 220Ah)

Connect ready

Pure sine wave output to protect the appliances and increase their life

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