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Luminous is the leading brand of inverters and online UPS systems in Nigeria – marketed, distributed and serviced by Wandel International, part of the Simba Group of Companies.

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About the Products

Luminous is the leading brand of inverters and online UPS systems in Nigeria – marketed, distributed, and serviced by Wendel International, part of the Simba group of Companies. At the heart of its value proposition to customers is the company’s relentless pursuit of complete customer satisfaction, which is exemplified by its award-winning Simba Service division, and which is a testament to the success of the brand in the country. Luminous has won multiple awards including ‘Best Inverter Brand’ conferred by the Institute of Brand Management in Nigeria, the International Brand Management Association, and the African Institute of Brand Management. Internationally, the brand has been deemed a ‘Super brand’ and has been recognized by Frost and Sullivan for the technology it employs.


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