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Experience the power ofperformance right in your home. Power charge batteries, designed specificallyfor Nigeria’s rural and semi-urban areas, offer excellent value for money withtheir extended lifespan and low maintenance requirements. These batteries areengineered to deliver top-notch performance during frequent and prolonged poweroutages, making them ideal for homes, offices, shops, and other areas with highback-up needs in Nigeria.


  • Long-lasting battery life with super strong electrical performance.
  • Made with 99.99% pure lead, these batteries have an extended lifespan and can hold charge for a long time when not in use.
  • Comes with Microporous ceramic disc fitted float indicators for ultimate environmental safety.
  • The tough poly-ethylene separator ensures long life and ultimate electrical performance.
  • The double-sided pasted ultra-strong plates further enhance the lifespan and performance of the batteries.
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Turbo Mode

High performance positive plates made with Advanced Automatic wet filling process to ensure high surface area & consistent paste density throughout the plates. Spines made with Special alloy composition & HADI high pressure die casting machines to ensure defect free Casting with high corrosion resistance.

Supports all Luminous Battery Types

Extra Tall containers to store 30% more electrolyte to ensure less frequent water topping.

ABCC Technology

Less electrical resistance, High oxidation resistance, high porosity, High charging efficiency.

ECO & UPS Mode

Optimally porous ceramic level indicator suppress water loss & promote safety along with cleanliness reducing water topping frequency.

The Models available


Voltcharge 150Ah, 200Ah & 220Ah

Inverter / Home UPS / Solar
150Ah, 200Ah & 220Ah
Voltage (Input)
Life Cycle (80% DOD)
2-3 Years.
Water Top-Up Requirement
Not required up to First 12 Months, Thereafteronce every 3 months at ideal room temperature
Storage Life
3 Months
Acid Stratification
Revival  of Discharged Battery
Discharged batteries can be revived even after 10 days
Backup Deterioration
Constant backup up to 12 months. There after backup will reduce by 15% every year.
Operating Temp.
0°C to 45°C
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