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Optimus Series

Reliable, Powerful, and a treat for your eyes, the Optimus series of Inverters from Luminous has many features to make your life easy. These inverters feature a state of art LCD panel that keeps you updated on 14 different performance parameters like Load Percentage, Time to Charge & Discharge, Overload, Short circuit, Low Battery, Battery high Cut, Temperature Sensor and Mode ( ECO or UPS).

Its Pure Sine wave operation eliminates electrical buzzing that accompanies a standard inverter and minimises the inverter power losses. The High Charging Current of 18 Amp ensures that your battery is charged rapidly and optimally.

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about Optimus


Informative LCD display

Smart LCD display with unique indication that displays backup and charging time, along with Mains On, Eco/UPS Mode

Super fast battery charging

Maximum charging current 18A for the faster battery charging

Supports all battery type

Compatible with all battery type Tubular, flat plate & SMF battery (80Ah – 220Ah)

Pure Sine Wave technology

Pure sine wave output to protect the appliances and increase their life

Models available


Optimus 900 VA / 12V

Optimus 1600VA / 24V

Voltage (Input)
110 - 290 V
110 - 290 V
Max Bulb Load (Output)
720 Watt
1,300 Watt
Maximum Charging Current
17 A
17 A
Gross Weight (Kg.)
Dimension LxWxH (cm)
29.2 x 27.5 x 12
30.5 x 27.5 x 13
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