1. Introduction

Indomie, one of Nigeria’s favourite brands operates one of the largest warehouses in PortHarcourt. It stores millions of naira worth of goods, making it essential for the warehouse to have a reliable and secure power supply. Recently, they decided to implement a solar/UPSsystem to power their operations and reduce their reliance on generators. This case study looks into the challenges faced by Indomie PHC and how Simba Solar provided a solution to their needs.

2. Background Information

The ongoing running costs of their current operations were too expensive due to them running diesel generators for several hours daily. The management of Indomie PHC wanted to maximize their profit without compromising on quality and safety. They decided to investigate alternative energy solutions.

3. Solution

Simba Solar designed a custom-made solution to provide a reliable and cost-effective power supply for the warehouse. The running of a generator during the night was unnecessary and not cost-efficient. Indeed, while they need a heavy capacity during the day, they only have limited equipment to power during the night. Our solution included the installation of solar panels on the warehouse roof, a sufficient battery bank to store the energy and using a power conditioning unit as optimally required for serve their needs. The panels would charge during the day and provide energy to power the CCTV cameras, servers and perimeter lights during the night.

4. Impact

The installation of the solar solution had a massive impact on the warehouse. They can now switch off their generators for over 10 hours everynight. In 16 months, they have recovered their investment.

5. Conclusion

The installation of the solar solution at Indomie PHC Warehouse has proven to be a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure that the warehouse has the power it needs to operate at night. The installation has enabled the warehouse to reduce its reliance on generators, reduce its expenses and maximize the company's profits.

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