Luminous Launches NRGT Tubular Batteries, Offers 24 Months Warranty

Simba Group, distributors of Luminous power back-up solutions including inverters, batteries and solar powered systems has unveiled the new innovative NRGT Tubular batteries for inverters. The company has also set a new benchmark in the inverter battery industry in Nigeria with 24 Months warranty offer. Speaking during the unveiling of the product, held at the […]

5 Ways to Conserve Household Energy

As the world’s energy efficiency slows, the average household wastes about 30% of electricity paid for yearly. This means while lighting bulbs, watching TV, using heating and cooling systems, operating the washing machine and ironing clothes, you may end up consuming 30% above what you really need. As a business owner or homeowner, you can […]

Luminous introduces innovative Solar Tall Tubular Batteries

The Simba Group, distributors of Luminous power back up solutions including inverters, batteries and solar powered systems, have unveiled a ‘first of its kind’ Luminous Solar Tall Tubular battery into the Nigerian market. This battery is optimsed for solar applications and is made with patented technologies to offer fast charging and long power-backup. Speaking during […]

Winner of Nigeria Cup presented a Luminous Regalia Inverter

Simba Group, the exclusive distributor of Luminous Inverters in Nigeria, have presented a Luminous Regalia – the country’s first lithium powered wall mounted back-up system – to Mr Zehi Harald, the winner of the 2019 Nigeria Cup golf tournament held at Ikoyi Club. Mr Harald received the coveted prize at Simba Den in Lekki, one […]

What are Solar Inverters?

Solar power inverters are an essential part of a Solar power system. It converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar PV panels into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that is directly consumable by the electrical appliances. This AC can be fed into a grid in case of an energy surplus. Solar inverters […]

Easy Explanation About How Inverters Work.

Inverters are very technical devices, basically because of their nature of usage. We understand that sometimes it might be a bit difficult for the average person to grasp the technicalities of how they work. So, our team of experts is going to break down how inverters work in a very-easy-to understand manner so you can […]

Difference between Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave

The function of Inverters is to convert stored direct current (DC) power in your batteries into alternating current (AC) power, like the kind you get in your home so that you can run your electrical appliances. However, there are two kinds of Inverters; There’s one kind that converts direct current to the pure sine wave […]

5 Common mistakes people make while buying Inverters

5 Common mistakes people make while buying Inverters

Getting started with the right inverter can be tricky, especially for those who have little knowledge about the category. Since the most common mistakes are known to us, here are some important things to consider. #1. Buying from an unauthorised Dealers/Retailers ​When you buy an inverter, make sure you purchase from trusted and authorised dealers. […]

Advantages of Inverters over Generators

Advantages of inverters over generators

Inverters and generators are both great backup sources of electricity, and deciding which to use depends on various factors. While a generator is more commonly used, inverters are being more adopted nowadays, for different reasons. Some of these are: #1. Inverters are safer Inverters are much more reliable to use than generators. First, using a […]

The Ultimate Guide To Choose the Right Inverter

The Ultimate Guide

An inverter is a device that collects electricity and stores it in a battery, to be redeployed in times of power cuts. Today, more and more Nigerians are looking to inverters to solve their power backup needs. When buying an inverter, these are some of the things you should consider. #1. Calculate your electrical load […]