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Advantages of Inverters over Generators

Inverters and generators are both great backup sources of electricity, and deciding which to use depends on various factors. While a generator is more commonly used, inverters are being more adopted nowadays, for different reasons. Some of these are:

#1. Inverters are safer

Inverters are much more reliable to use than generators. First, using a generator requires buying and storing petrol/diesel. When doing this, one has to be very careful because such fuels are highly flammable. Inverters do not require any fuel. Second, generators emit fumes- which apart from being bad for the environment, are also dangerous for your health. Inverters do not produce fumes.

#2. Inverters are silent

Generators make a lot of noise when turned on. This can be very annoying, for the user.  Inverters on the other hand are primarily electrical products, and produce almost no noise.

#3. Inverters have lower running maintenance costs

Inverters are easy to run, relative to generators. Generators require fuel to power it as well as engine oil to lubricate its parts for smoother operation. Generators also require monthly maintenance. The cost of professional repairs, maintenance and regular fueling makes the usage of a generator very expensive. Inverters require no fuel and need very little maintenance.

#4. Inverters have inbuilt surge defence

Inverters are built to be able to withstand spikes in power. They have miniature circuit breakers which help them resist an overload in power. In a situation where there is a wrong connection, or there is too much electricity flowing, the circuit breakers will break up the power until this is fixed. Circuit breakers also help to prevent overloading of the power source.

#5. Inverters turn on automatically when power is cut.

Inverters are designed to come up automatically in the event of a power outage. This is a true definition of an uninterrupted power supply. Generators do not have such ability, and you have to put them on manually before power can be restored.

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