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5 Ways to Conserve Household Energy

As the world’s energy efficiency slows, the average household wastes about 30% of electricity paid for yearly. This means while lighting bulbs, watching TV, using heating and cooling systems, operating the washing machine and ironing clothes, you may end up consuming 30% above what you really need. As a business owner or homeowner, you can lower energy consumption and save money by paying more attention to electricity usage and following these 5 ways to conserve household energy.

#1. Lights off

Turning off the light bulbs when leaving the room or your home will save significant energy and also preserve your light bulbs. Lighting accounts for over 10% of an average household power consumption. Leaving the lights on is a very common habit that is easily fixable.

#2. Use energy-saving bulbs

The wire filaments in traditional incandescent bulbs require high temperature to glow, thereby
consuming more power. Energy-efficient light bulbs employ advanced technology to reduce the amount of electricity required to generate light. They use 25 to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer.

#3. Keep your refrigerator shut

As much as you might want to stare at that bowl of ice cream or cookies, don’t open your fridge except when necessary. Whenever you open your refrigerator, the compressor has to work harder to return temperature back to normal. This accounts for 7 percent of the appliance’s total energy use.

#4. Unplug devices not in use

Plugged-in devices will always bleed some energy, even while on standby. For example, a phone charger continues to use power even if your mobile phone isn’t attached. Using a power strip such as a Sollatek Multiguard MGX-4UB, which also serves as a surge protector, gives you the opportunity to switch off or unplug all devices from one source.

#5. Keep your doors closed while running your AC

It is highly recommended that windows and doors are closed when the air conditioner is turned on. This will enable your air conditioner to work efficiently, as open doors and windows put more pressure on the ac and requires more energy.

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