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5 Common mistakes people make while buying Inverters

Getting started with the right inverter can be tricky, especially for those who have little knowledge about the category. Since the most common mistakes are known to us, here are some important things to consider.

#1. Buying from an unauthorised Dealers/Retailers

​When you buy an inverter, make sure you purchase from trusted and authorised dealers. A good dealer will make sure to provide you the best products and will always have genuine spare parts. This way, you can be sure that the product not only contains safety features to prevent damage to the device but also has a warranty cover in case of damage due to uncontrollable circumstances within the specified period.

#2. Placing it incorrectly

Make sure the area chosen has plenty of clean air, is large enough for air circulation and not exposed to humidity; excessive heat or corrosive elements. If in doubt, be sure to use a trusted, company authorized installer.

#3. Mounting incorrect solar panels (In case of hybrid Inverters)

Correct solar panel installation is critical. However, many people do not give enough thought to this and simply mount solar panels on roof tops where they look best. If you reside in the northern hemisphere, your panel system should be mounted on the south side of your rooftop, if the roof does not have a south side, then you can install them on the west side. The tilt angle should be equal to the latitude for that location for maximum solar production, and shading analysis should be done for that location.

#4. Installation of Inverter by Untrained Technicians

This applies any time you hire someone to come to your home for installation. Credentials and references are especially important, but it’s also best to insure the technician is authorized by a reputed brand. Giving installation to an untrained or semi-trained technician could be very hazardous and may end up costing you more.

#5. Underestimating their consumption and backup time

One common mistake many solar and inverter users make is underestimating their power consumption. We all have a lot of different devices in our homes, but we do not know how much energy they are consuming. One way to know one’s device consumption is conducting an energy audit. Energy audits provide accurate power and energy data for your home. The beauty of this method is that it allows you to get a well-formatted energy report that you can use for future purposes and is also inexpensive. Our online load estimation tool, can be used for free, to help you get a good estimate.

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